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You want a potential mate to know that your life includes the giant presence of a kid or four. But I bristle at those lines. People who really enjoy each other. Respect and support one another. And in these families, the parents put their relationship before the kids. And everyone thrives as a result. There is lots of research to suggest that a happy marriage is the cornerstone of well-adjusted kids.


History and description Timeline and map of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the other Wonders of the Ancient World Egyptologists believe the pyramid was built as a tomb for the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu often Hellenicised as “Cheops” and was constructed over a year period. Khufu’s vizier , Hemiunu also called Hemon , is believed by some to be the architect of the Great Pyramid.

The mass of the pyramid is estimated at 5.

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Influences[ edit ] Mediterranean artistic styles changed with the power shift from Greek and Macedonian leadership to Roman political structure, but some influences and ideals remained, as they were shared by both Greek and Roman culture. Egyptian[ edit ] Greek leaders had already borrowed heavily from Egyptian pharaohs in materials and their own symbolic representation, and Roman rulers borrowed from them in turn.

As previously mentioned, Rome’s far-reaching empire granted it astonishing power and influence. In fact, Rome’s power enabled the use of materials not found in Rome, as the Empire brought many regions together for trading relationships. This allowed for the first Egyptian influence, the use of deep red porphyry.

One recognizable example is the Palette of King Narmer, which set the expectation for future Egyptian artwork as well as artwork in many classifications to come. This item would have been used frequently by Egyptian scribes, and prominently displays a large likeness of Narmer depicted by a composition of views, with the head, legs, and arms in profile view and the eye and torso clearly in frontal view.

As it is impossible for a real human being to pose like this, the general consensus is that Egyptians were not aiming for realism, but rather for symbolism in these early two-dimensional portraits of their rulers. Even centuries later, the Romans found a similar mode of depiction useful for depicting their tetrarchy, as their legs face forward, their torsos twist to a near profile, and the heads swivel to a three-quarter view. While choosing unyielding, dense stone to show the likenesses of their powerful leaders was certainly significant, Roman rulers also saw the value in the poses Egyptian rulers used as well.

Egyptian Pharaohs were depicted in a regal, unyielding seated pose, as in the depiction of Khafre Enthroned. The reason why the sculpture appears idealized and vague is that Egyptian rulers found it important that sculptors represented the god-like status they claimed. One of the most significant reasons for making Egyptian rulers look like sculptures of gods was to emphasize their separation and power over the Egyptian people, as well as the divinity associated with their kingship.

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Download eBook Christoph Martin Wieland’s comic novel History of the Abderites is, in its author’s own words, a “work that was written to entertain all intelligent people and to admonish and chastise all fools. The target of Wieland’s wit and humor is the provinciality, lack of taste, pedantry, backwardness, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, ignorance, and sodden contentment with things as they are, which he found in people all around him.

But instead of attacking the follies of his German contemporaries directly, he sets his novel in the small Thracian city-state of Abdera in the fifth century B. This novel is one of the sprightliest literary achievements of the Enlightenment in Germany, and reveals that Wieland was a kindred spirit of Henry Fielding and Laurence Sterne.

Each of the five divisions, or “Books,” of History of the Abderites conveys a different aspect of life in Abdera, and the author allows his readers to draw whatever parallels they may perceive between what goes on in this ancient backwoods community and life in contemporary Germany. The novel opens with the return of Democritus after many years from an extended tour abroad.

He is the main character in the first part of the book, and combines the traits of his historical counterpart with those of an eighteenth-century empirical scientist, along with the moral attributes of the ideal gentleman. The Abderites think Democritus a very odd sort of fellow and cannot at all comprehend what they consider his outlandish notions about a great variety of subjects. Soon it is quite clear that Democritus is everything that they are not.

Moreover, his having come home with a black mistress seems to support their conviction that there is something wrong in his head, for they fail entirely to understand how anyone who is not white could be considered beautiful. In the Fourth Book, the most renowned and hilarious part of the novel, acute civil strife over a trial concerning the shadow of an ass threatens the very existence of the little republic.

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In the familiar thematic plot, a group of individuals in a remote location were being killed off, one by one. In this filmed story, during a torrential rainstorm, ten strangers were trapped in a secluded motel in Nevada, owned-managed by Larry Washington. They were forced to band together when someone started killing them. Strangely, all of the ten individuals had the same birthday, and their surnames were linked to US states, e.

Malcolm was a convicted death-row inmate and serial killer, facing the death penalty and guilty of committing brutal murders in the real-world. He theorized that Malcolm was criminally insane – and that his one ‘evil’ homicidal personality was ‘cleansing’ himself of the other normal and sympathetic personalities – those were the ‘individuals’ at the motel.

Jan 29,  · Watch video · Directed by Tom Gormican. With Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots. Three best friends find themselves where we’ve all been – at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So where is this going?”/10(K).

Share this article Share Mr Eisele spent 30 minutes trying to reel in the catch and said his knees started trembling when he saw it as it breached the water. The cod was so big two of his friends had to hold him back in fear he would have been dragged overboard by it. They helped him heave it on board and Mr Eisele was barely able to hold it by himself for the obligatory photograph on board the fishing boat. Mr Eisele spent 30 minutes trying to reel in the catch and said his knees started trembling when he saw it as it breached the water Strike a pose: The cod was so big two of his friends had to hold him back in fear he would have been dragged overboard by it The 5ft long cod tipped the scales at 47 kilograms.

The existing record stood at 98lbs 12ozs for a cod caught off New Hampshire in Mr Eisele’s cod is not only a world record but also the very first to hit the lbs mark. Mr Eisele said he caught the fish in 90ft of water 10 miles off the Norwegian island of Soroya. The just one hour before the turn of the tide I got a bite.

Mr Eisele donated the record fish to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen which will have it stuffed and mounted ‘I saw two red dots on the sonar-screen and it looked like a big one. It felt like ground contact.

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Great Pyramid of Giza

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